INSP Films “The Legend of 5 Mile Cave” [colorist]

INSP Films “Legal Action” [colorist]

Scott Clark Auto Group – “Steering Wheel” [colorist]

Silent Images “Noah” [colorist]

INSP Films “Christmas On The Coast” [colorist]

Samaritan’s Feet TV Commercial “School Uniform” [colorist]

Samaritan’s Feet TV Commercial “New Shoes” [colorist]

WORLD SHOE TV Commercial “Death Sentence” [colorist]

INSP Films “County Line” [colorist]

Project Alive: What Is Hunter Syndrome [colorist]

Project Alive: Gene Therapy for Hunter Syndrome [colorist]

INSP Films “Heritage Falls” [colorist]

INSP Films “Savannah Sunrise” [colorist] 

INSP Films “Christmas in the Smokies” [colorist]

This feature length film was a lot of fun to work on – and quite a challenge. A Christmas movie shot in May… in a very green springtime Georgia. I used various techniques to isolate green grass and make it look dormant, while preserving skin tones and color temperature to evoke a chilly December setting.

“Lonely City” [colorist]

“Fuente De Vida” [colorist]

“Crab Trap” [colorist]

“Kamen” [colorist]

Cotton | Blue Jeans Go Green [colorist]

Lastoria Productions – demo reel 2015 [colorist]

I was called upon by the fine folks at Lastoria Productions to help bring their 2015 demo reel to life. The challenge was to match shots from diverse cameras from multiple projects ranging from a RED Epic to a GoPro and to create an overall cohesive look

“House of the Righteous” – Starring Edward James Olmos [colorist]

North Carolina Education Lottery “The Present” [editor/colorist]

North Carolina Education Lottery “Fast Fingers” [editor/colorist]

Greenworks Tools “The Road of Innovation” [colorist]

“My Luchador” [editor/colorist]

Persecution Watch: Rev. Sami Dagher’s Story [colorist]

Flagship “I Want You” [editor/colorist]

Jude Moses “Inside” [colorist]

Attendify Event App Builder – Explainer Video [colorist]

B. Reith “Antidote” Music Video [editor/colorist]

Heaven: A New Message From Billy Graham [editor/colorist]

“Defining Moments” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]

“Lose To Gain” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]

“Decisions” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]

“I Like Military.” [colorist]

“A Time for Decision” [colorist]

Billy Graham Canada “A Legacy of Hope” [colorist]

“Decision America Tour” promo [colorist]