INSP Films “The Legend of 5 Mile Cave” [colorist]
INSP Films “Legal Action” [colorist]
Scott Clark Auto Group – “Steering Wheel” [colorist]
Silent Images “Noah” [colorist]
INSP Films “Christmas On The Coast” [colorist]
Samaritan’s Feet TV Commercial “School Uniform” [colorist]
Samaritan’s Feet TV Commercial “New Shoes” [colorist]
INSP Films “County Line” [colorist]
Project Alive: What Is Hunter Syndrome [colorist]
Project Alive: Gene Therapy for Hunter Syndrome [colorist]
INSP Films “Heritage Falls” [colorist]
INSP Films “Savannah Sunrise” [colorist] 
INSP Films “Christmas in the Smokies” [colorist]

This feature length film was a lot of fun to work on – and quite a challenge. A Christmas movie shot in May… in a very green springtime Georgia. I used various techniques to isolate green grass and make it look dormant, while preserving skin tones and color temperature to evoke a chilly December setting.

“Lonely City” [colorist]
“Fuente De Vida” [colorist]
“Crab Trap” [colorist]
“Kamen” [colorist]
“My Luchador” [editor/colorist]
Cotton | Blue Jeans Go Green [colorist]
“House of the Righteous” – Starring Edward James Olmos [colorist]
Carolina Pharmacy Brand Video [colorist]
Persecution Watch: Rev. Sami Dagher’s Story [colorist]
Flagship “I Want You” [editor/colorist]
Jude Moses “Inside” [colorist]
Attendify Event App Builder – Explainer Video [colorist]
B. Reith “Antidote” Music Video [editor/colorist]
Barlow Girl “Beautiful Ending” Music Video [colorist]
Heaven: A New Message From Billy Graham [editor/colorist]
“Defining Moments” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]
“Lose To Gain” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]
“Decisions” – A Film from My Hope America [editor/colorist]
“I Like Military.” [colorist]
“A Time for Decision” [colorist]
Billy Graham Canada “A Legacy of Hope” [colorist]
“Decision America Tour” promo [colorist]