Charlotte Health Center Testimonies

This is piece that I shot and edited for

Instead of a straightforward approach to the edit where each person tells their story in a linear fashion or as separate testimonials, I chose an approach that interweaves multiple patient testimonials to evoke an overall positive feeling toward the work that Dr. Matthew McAlees and his team at the Charlotte Health Center do for people in ways that traditional medicine usually cannot achieve.

It clocks in at over 8 minutes, which is longer than I would typically like to hit, but I feel it holds the viewer’s interest and the range of issues are likely to hit a personal area for the viewer.

Reebok / Crossfit Eternal cross-promotion

My latest side project was a lot of fun. Shot with Canon 60D, T3i, edited in FCPX.

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Get your coupon at the box.

Directed by: John Schroter
Produced by: Kelsey Elmore
Shot by: John Schroter, Hannah Schroter
Field Audio: Kim Schroter
Edited by: John Schroter

Shake Yer Body_ Drop-Goblin (Play Me Freebie)
by Play Me Records

four years of photo booth photos in two minutes forty six seconds

I grabbed all of my family’s iMac Photo Booth photos since 2007 and played them in chronological order over a Charlie Parker session – bio-digital jazz, man.

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