Month: July 2013

Film Historian Unearths Never-Seen Cut of Buster Keaton’s 1922 ‘The Blacksmith’

Finding anything new from Buster Keaton is always great news.

A fun little promo I directed.

This is a promo I wrote and directed for Ransom last year. Graphics by Jim Zangmeister, Sound Design by Tim Gale, David Acuff was the classy announcer.

Dare To Be A Daniel – “Snapshot”

The Director’s Cut
A Camp Daniel promotional video for kids age 9-14.
Larissa Miller – Producer / Director
Hannah Schroter – Scriptwriter
John Schroter – Editor / Colorist / GFX
Tim Gale – Sound mix

My Hope America – Lose to Gain

A recent piece I helped edit for My Hope America with Billy Graham. I was responsible for the overall Color Grading of the whole piece as well as the graphic treatment in the opening Tease Рall but the graphic TV overlays, which were created by Jim Zangmeister.  Original music score by Matthew Morgan, sound design and mix by Tim Gale.